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Monday, 25 June 2018 13:51
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Нотатки нелітаючого дракона
Sorry, but
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Забанили в ЖЖ  http://uno-universal.livejournal.com/

Цей журнал - дзеркало мого Tumblr блога, http://uno-universal.tumblr.com
Тут будуть в основному фото, багато фото. Які мені чимось подобаються.

Uno person somewhere in Europe.

My name is Oleh aka Uno.
I'm from Kharkiv, Ukraine. INTJ.
Nothing by Chance in this journal.

None of the images on this blog are owned by me. All are shared from other previously published internet sources. If I have published the material without the author, so I do not know the author. If you know the author - report it in the comments, I immediately point out ©.

Warning! Some posts may contain nude body, erotic and NSFW contents.
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